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The Aryan Kings Organization Handbook

1. Introduction
This Handbook is the official ritual of The Aryan Kings and the Nationalist Movement and through the terms in the Aryan Kings Organization. It contains the forms for transaction of business, perfection of honor and advancement of duty. Nationalism has been called an army, a congregation, a union, a brotherhood or a party. To some it may be all - or none - of these. Actually, it is the American People... working its will, rising and winning. So, its Rituals are public, its members are known, its goals are open for all to see. Certain ceremonies, degrees and orders take on special and personal meaning to members whose merit advances them accordingly. However, the tie of Nationalism binds all together in true equality, justice and service.

This Handbook seeks to be like the founding documents of America. Straightforward, not cumbersome. Open-ended, not static. Open- minded, not provincial. While it seeks to embrace all issues within its scope, it leaves its implementation to the creativity, inspiration and fairmindedness of Nationalists, themselves. Study carefully, act wisely, govern magnanimously.

2. Principles

The power of an idea is as great as the bearer of that idea: To the white American People. The Champion of the People, who combines the force of will, character, justice and vision, inspires others. Success depends upon successive "handclasps" from the individual Nationalist to the local Force and on to the National Force, bonding the stalwart to the recruit, the seasoned veteran to the fledgling compatriot - with all-consuming civic virtue, fraternity and camaraderie. Language from Plymouth Rock. Morality from the Pilgrims. Patriotism from the Patriots. Work ethic from the Pioneers. Government from the People. The historic mission of Nationalism is not just to raise up a clique or a sect within the nation, but to embrace the entire American Nation, American People and American Way of Life, with the energy, organization and devotion to powerfully triumph over every foe, every evil and every injustice. Finally, when America, itself, is Nationalist, all vocations, all offices, all arts and all government will celebrate with the watchwords: All America, All-American.

The Champion of the People, entrusted with responsibility, should exercise his and her authority with prudence, knowledge and inspiration. These qualities may be in-born in some, acquired by others: but Nationalist magnetism is most potent only by means of diplomatic dealings with others, building of good character, exercise of steady self-discipline, meticulous study of Nationalist doctrine, devoted practice of honesty and compassionate attention to the needs of fellow-Nationalists, fellow-Americans and Mankind. In truth, "The one who is greatest is servant of all". br>
,To bring theory into practice, a military-like discipline permeates Nationalism, and, with it, the bravery and loyalty upon which all triumphal campaigns are based. Nationalist strategy is founded upon the view that no fighter stands taller than when he reaches down to lift up the fallen, aid the distressed or redeem the oppressed.

From purity of purpose derives a sense of service to self, worthiness in life and dependence upon compatriots. The credo: "The greater the struggle, the greater the victory" has special meaning for the Nationalist. Organization builds brotherhood, that "more perfect union", by which The Nationalist Movement becomes a strong, effective and winning fighting force. The "front line" Nationalist is the "point man" of a great army. While he meets the foe, face to face, the Nationalist fighter must know that the entire weight of Nationalism is brought to bear through him: boosting his morale, attending to his needs, steeling his resolve and ministering to his dilemmas. His compatriot nearest to his side is his brother, but so is his commander. All together, Nationalists are connected to each other and are part of each other: as the finger to the hand, the hand to the arm and the arm to the body.

Championship combines the self-taught and the learned. A sergeant once scoffed at a volunteer for Vietnam War combat duty, saying: "Why not enlist in some honor guard or safe unit? If you choose infantry, you'll clean out garbage cans." The recruit replied: "I'll be glad to clean out garbage cans, because if one day I must order others to do the same thing, I can say: 'I'm no better than you are; I've done the same thing and I can do the same thing myself.'" The Nationalist Movement proceeds from the viewpoint that any devoted and loyal Nationalist can be a champion: in word, thought and deed. The readerwho will throw himself headlong into learning all he can will grow in strength and wisdom until he is prepared for the highest, toughest and noblest tasks.

This Handbook sets out certain principles designed to build winners, together with the confidence by which such champions impart energy to themselves and to others. The cooperation of every reader in reaching the goals of Nationalism, through prudent and careful, brave and active, methods, is avidly solicited. Your countrymen, your nation and the world are watching. Are you worthy?

Any revolution is brought about not only by the fervor of a small band of stalwarts, but by those, many of them initially hostile, who are won over and who join The Cause. Eventually, an entire people is transformed and an entire epoch of history is reformed. Some are attracted by action, drama or spectacle. Others by idealism, change or instinct. But wherever you go, you are the ambassador, of Nationalism. You make the converts. You set the example. You expand the membership. You advance the forces. You impel the victory.

Read this Handbook thoroughly. Train yourself and others in its precepts. Put its theory into practice. Draw strength from books in your Nationalist Library, direction from Nationalist Headquarters and inspiration from Nationalist spectacles - the way Ben Franklin harnessed electricity from the skies. Make yourself a super-charged lightning rod of energy and power. Be sure to always consult legal counsel before undertaking Nationalist activity. Understand that rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand, as do honor and discipline. Ours is a hallowed tradition finding its thread among the battleworks at Plymouth Rock, out into the outposts of a thousand camps, up onto the steed of Paul Revere, onward through the snows of Valley Forge and out over the craters of the moon.

As you begin, you are Cotton Mather, reproaching wickedness; you are Patrick Henry, vying for liberty; you are George Washington, forging the Delaware; you are Davy Crockett, blazing new trails; you are Thomas Edison, lighting the world; you are Orville Wright, spreading your wings; you are Henry Ford, molding a new era. Your Nationalism is patriotism for America, justice for workers, progress for civilization and service for Humanity.

3. Purpose

Nature regards a vacuum as an enemy. Air constantly rushes in to fill an empty space. It is natural for you to follow this principle. Fill every empty heart with purpose. Leave no vacant time unfilled: for yourself or your compatriots. Let every Nationalist be put to work: every hour well spent, every task accomplished, every need fulfilled. Begin by assessing your men, your means and your circumstances. "Accentuate the positive" of every stalwart and set out tasks worthy of each individual. The ranking officer is particularly entrusted with planning the mission, devising the means to accomplish the ends.

Next, inform yourself of needs around you. The poor, schools, government, public works, courts, jobs, crime, and immigration: these and many more may hinge on a single, powerful theme in your community. Or you may need to build enthusiasm yourself.
Sometimes, the opposition will create the issue for you by which you can focus attention and action in your own behalf. Embrace the good whether you present it, yourself, or whether it is presented by others. Shun the evil. Then, inform yourself about the enemy. Learn from his methods. Do not avoid the enemy's techniques merely because the opposition uses them, but improve upon them. Be original and imaginative. Always show that right bests wrong and that justice overcomes injustice.

The textbook, The Commission, is a plan of action for you to study and implement. Remember, you can be combative, but self-defensive. You can be lawful, yet confrontational. A malady in the past has been a penchant of some for secrecy, or even a stand-offishness, which promoted a divisive spirit even in our own ranks. Build pride in your own stalwarts, but magnify that pride to the greater glory of The Nationalist Movement as a whole. Honor each consecrated Nationalist for his work; reward vigor to the utmost. Pins, citations, badges, ceremonies and devoted handclasps can make the difference between the motivated compatriot and unfulfilled stalwart.

Rank imparts greater authority and responsibility to excise the dullard and remove the sluggard, while advancing the active and encouraging the brave. Make each fighter proud of his own tasks, add to his self-esteem and share the exhilaration of a job well done. Let each man be suited to his own talents. Only from satisfaction comes success. But always provide opportunity for the stalwart to grow into new tasks and knowledge to which he may be suited. Frustration in growing and learning is valuable, up to a point, but don't push your men beyond their breaking points. Some will prefer a single task, tended with craftsmanship and devotion. Others will exalt in a virtual cornucopia of undertakings. Know others even as you know yourself.

The man who most respects what he has is one who has toiled up, himself, from poverty. Likewise, in The Nationalist Movement, let promotion come by merit. Good morale depends on fairness in advancement and on the exiling of favoritism in all its forms. Your Force should not be "all chiefs and no Indians," but, rather, a cheerful band of devoted Nationalists, each motivated by service to do his best in any capacity, not merely motivated by holding a rank or citation. Remember that "a mule is a horse designed by a committee". There are advantages for individuals working together on special projects, but when individual action is quicker and more deliberate than group action, entrust the mission to the qualified individual. Never overlook the advantages of fraternity and fellowship, however, that are built by many individuals working together on projects of mutual interest.

Guard against the "committee spirit". A committee is no substitute for competence. Form is secondary to the goal: supplying the troops, marching forward, gaining the high ground, winning the victory. Avoid "camp fever" from idle limbs and useless talk. Nationalism is not a debating society or a literary club, but a social justice force and social change movement. We must radiate from within our own ranks with the same unanimity we seek for the entire nation. Then, the day will come when efficiency replaces sluggishness. Swiftness overcomes laziness. And unanimity defeats division.

Smaller Forces may operate on a more abbreviated form of Ritual than larger Forces. This Handbook is a guide only. You may not be able to implement all the activities or degrees, but tailor your Ritual to your size and needs, in consultation with proper authority. Emphasize coordination at all times and at all levels: between units, sections, divisions, groups, officials, regions and Forces. Whenever possible, conduct joint activities with other Forces. Avoid provincialism, pettiness, factionalism, croneyism and jealousy. Certainly, do not dilute the crystal-clear spring of your devoted compatriots with a tidal wave of polluted waters. But neither allow your "few good men" to cut themselves off from the strength from a well-planned infusion of new recruits. The surging wave of your growing enthusiasm and power will lift the tide of all.

High-tech communications are as important as coordination: within the local Force as well as between the smaller and larger units. Reports. Meetings. Correspondence. Up-dates. Just as confidence of the public is advanced by a feeling that Nationalism is the will of the people, so the conduct of business should always be centered upon advancing the will of the membership, itself, and, thereby, the interests of the American People. Larger and larger assemblies, speeches, meetings and spectacles build the consensus of the membership, The Nationalist Movement and the nation, itself. A flag cannot be waved if it is tucked away in a drawer, neither is our mission accomplished if it is hidden away behind closed doors. Given the magnitude of our tasks, proceed with all deliberate speed to go out, onward, forward and upward with the finest, best-disciplined, most-inspired organization ever on earth.

4. Service

The Nationalist is the volunteer. Each member should take time to train and serve at Headquarters, in his locale and in responsibilities that serve mankind, as well as The Movement. For instance, Nationalist social service counseling, manning Nationalist hotlines, donating goods and services for Nationalist causes, are all necessary for charitable work. Endeavor to visit other Nationalists and units; travel even long distances to march in parades and fellowship with your compatriots. Make your pilgrimage to sites of Nationalist importance, training, indoctrination, assembly and history. Use your talents for writing, painting, healing and building to endow Nationalist buildings, projects and services. Be especially attentive to the needs of our poor and downtrodden. Invite Nationalists into your home as they seek jobs, work or service to the Cause. Provide the necessities of life to stalwarts to enable them to travel, speak and organize from town to town.

Let no compatriot be without a bed, a meal or shirt on his back wherever he may carry the Nationalist message. Contribute land, goods and other articles toward the superstructure of Nationalism and, most important, give yourself and your substance, willingly and sacrificially, to the tasks at hand: from sewing a button on a Skinhead's uniform to buttonholing a governor on the capitol steps. Consider Nationalism as a career - full time or part time - with advancement and satisfaction matching dedication and ability. Through generosity and selflessness, enable the superstructure to grow as you grow, on the cutting edge of technology, to be successful as you are successful, beyond the limitless vistas of talent.

5. Government

Local Forces are organized similar to state Forces all making up the National Force, with representatives coordinating activity with The Nationalist Movement and its forces worldwide. Use sound wisdom and careful planning, so cohesive and marching Force results. Just as wealth without work is an irritant in society, rank without merit is an irritant to Nationalism. Choose the finest brains, the most articulate tongues and the stoutest limbs to staff the Force and to rally the fighters.

6. Administration

Administration is based upon cohesive units and sound organization, as follows:

Corps. A special self-defense, security and ceremonial outfit.

Division. A major organized body within and subordinate to a larger Nationalist body, such as the Advisory Division to the Board of Officers, Labor Division, Youth Division and the like

. Fighter. A member of a martial unit, also called a Stalwart or a soldier.

Force. The organized, structured Movement.

National Force: the organized national body.

District Force: a regional body

. State Force: a body organized by state.

Local Force: a body organized in locality.

Group. A small body organized for a special purpose, such as a study group, social justice group, education group, speaking group or surveillance group

. Guard. Usually Honor (or Praetorian) Guards, for special security. A member of a Guard unit may be called a Guard, too.

League. Usually the Women's' League, or a large, organized Nationalist body.

Movement . The entire Nationalist Movement, meaning the worldwide Movement, the American Movement or, sometimes, the unorganized or generic movement.

Order. A body of special honors, such as including those receiving special awards, degrees, distinguished in self-defense or the like. It may have special insignia, meetings and ritual

. Unit. A Nationalist outfit, such as a Band or Marching Unit.

7. Advisors
The Advisory Division is made up of:

First Commanding Officer, who is the Founder and President of the Aryan Kings Organization Branden Fowler,

Officers, as are needed; and,

Special members, fighters, stalwarts and Skinheads

. This Division advises the Board of Officers on policies and procedures. It is especially helpful when the Board of Officers is not in session. It is a vehicle to use the extra talents of Nationalists who have particularly distinguished themselves.

8. Board of Officers Board of Officers (or Official Board) is made up of:

Chief: Head of special unit
. Chief of Staff: Administrator.
Commandant: Chief of Security.
Coordinator: Assistant administrator.
Executive Officer: Secretary
. Finance Officer: Treasurer.
First Officer: Chief executive.
Inspector-General: Head of oversight.
Judge-Advocate: Judge and legal coordinator
. Marshal: Chief of ritual.
Second Officer: Second in command.
Sergeant-At-Arms: Ritual and security overseer.
Officers may include chiefs, generals, colonels and heads of sections, divisions or groups as the Board of Officers and needs of the Force may require. The Board of Officers assists the First Officer in carrying out Nationalist plans and policies, as the cabinet in the White House.

9. Officers

Chief of Staff. Organization, Benevolent. He shall coordinate and administer headquarters operations, in direct assistance to the First Officer. Scheduling, ceremonials, ambassadorial tasks and social service work are his duties.

Commandant. Security. He shall provide the cohesive, disciplined and uniform security and self-defense organization through proper training, drilling and action. Detail to units, dress and ceremony are his responsibility.

Commissioner. Emissary, Ritual, Uniforms, Intermediary. He shall perform special projects with attention to emissarial work, witnessing, ceremonies, certification, as courier and as ranking representative of The Movement. He will certify degrees, promotions and advancements.

Coordinator. Youth, Education, Women, Labor, Sports. He shall administer general and special projects, bringing good business and organizational practices to the day-to-day workings of The Movement. He will disseminate and coordinate information services.

Counselor. Solidarity, Social justice. He will counsel with those in trouble, minister to those in need, supply and coordinate social services and advance social justice through mediation and problemsolving. He will liaison with Nationalist and other agencies for medical, social and vocational services.

Executive Officer. Membership, Secretarial. He shall handle the secretarial duties, keep records and be custodian of documents, seals, property and assets.

Finance Officer. Finance. He shall receive and report on all monies, property and assets, making all accounts, notifying members of their dues and arrears, collecting fees and assessments and maintaining accurate, clear and complete files.

First Officer. Government, Judicial, Civic. He is the Supreme Official who presides with dignity, character, fidelity and justice. He must be dutiful to his administration, zealous in promoting The Movement's welfare, solicitous of his members and benevolent in all his works. He shall diligently carry out the purpose, ritual and organization entrusted to him and conduct himself with brotherly affection toward his compatriots, country and Cause. Inspector: Inspection. He is the supernumerary who conducts extraordinary inspections and receives special complaints. He makes recommendations for improvements and corrections in personnel, practices, accounting and operations.

Judge-Advocate. Legal. He shall preside over disputes, particularly, on any appeals, and should (if he is a practicing attorney) deal with contracts, suits and other legal matters. If he is not a lawyer, he should consult with appropriate legal counsel in protecting the rights and establishing the duties of the organization. He will also render opinions on the effect of the Constitution, By-Laws and regulations.

Marshal. Awards, Arts. He shall assist in ritualistic matters, with special attention to the presentation of awards, overseeing of guards and preserving order. Organizer: Organization. Recruiting, field work. He shall do the field work, overseeing and conducting recruiting, visitation, recordkeeping and personal contact to enroll new members and serve present members.

Second Officer. Administrative. He shall preside in the absence of the First Officer and otherwise assist the First Officer and The Movement, giving special attention to lighten the burden of administration with his time and talents.

Speaker. Doctrine, Inspiration. He shall propagate doctrine, using all available and modern communication techniques and equipment.
The above titles of Officers of the National Force (or National Headquarters) may be preceded by the term National (such as National First Officer ), when helpful to prevent confusion with division, state or local officials. Likewise, State Judge-Advocate, Delaware Inspector or Division Commissioner are examples.

10. Orders
Special units signify precision and excellence. Drill Teams, Flying Aces, Honor Guards, All Star sportsmen, Physical Specimens, Merit Graduates, Master Doctrinaires and Heroic Achievers are among those suitable for exceptional organization, recognition and merit. Medals, pendants, memorials, insignia and ranks are to be bestowed upon those who undertake extraordinary tasks and who accomplish exceptional results. Camaraderie is to be encouraged among those similarly honored through special recreational activities, drills, marches, presentations, ceremonies and camping.

Each exceptional achiever should be celebrated as part of a given Order, named for the talents and accomplishments which bind the stellar performers together. The various Orders should be given appropriate roles in ritualistic activities, which spotlight the Honorees and encourage others. Admission to special ranks is strictly an honor and should be parceled out sparingly. Orders may be denominated according to the skill, rank, accomplishment and age of their members. They may, also, perform certain tasks entrusted to them by the First Officer or of their own volition, such as special security, public performances, social services and ritual. Social services are a unique offering to Nationalist Orders in that the high level of fraternity among adherents can be translated into self-sacrificing activity, such as hospital work, unemployment relief, wayward counseling, veterans' support and elder care. Group names, salutes, uniforms and insignia may be used to increase identity, brotherhood and loyalty among Orders.

11. Units
The main Divisions may be headed by a Chief or an Officer, appointed by the First Officer after consultation with the Board of Officers, and be made up of as many members, stalwarts or fighters as needed to advise on given activities or carry our specific tasks

. Arts Division. To provide music, entertainment and theatrical performances for events, meetings, devotions, consecration, memorials, celebrations, funerals and ceremonies. To maintain bands and choirs and to engage in concerts and tours. To instruct in fine arts, musical arts and manual arts. To organize spectacle and drama, particularly through use of light, fire, steel, flags and pageantry, for edification of Nationalist activity.

Awards Division. To determine awards, citations and honors and to award them to worthy Nationalists or others. To establish and carry out criteria to fairly administer the program. To sponsor assemblies, events, banquets and other ceremonies needful to carry out its aims.

Benevolent Division . To visit the sick and minister to the afflicted, including arranging for sending of flowers, where indicated, and other acts of benevolence and brotherhood. To make recommendations to the Social Justice Division for charity, where needed. To prepare or assist in funerals of Nationalists, when requested by families of the deceased. To maintain a drill team and pall bearers to conduct a funeral, if need be. To arrange for suitable memorial services, at least once annually, in honor of all deceased Nationalists and martyrs.

Civic Division. To improve the home and community by recommending and carrying out projects to benefit marriage, child rearing, cleanliness, sanitation, gardening, environmental concern, home-improvement and other measures to provide decent, safe, moral and upright homes and neighborhoods. To foster civic pride by bestowing emoluments, plaques and gifts upon public buildings and institutions. To attend meetings (and become part of or take charge of) of public bodies, such as schools, city councils and legislatures, reporting on (or carrying out) their activities and presenting statements and opinions, where needed. To provide personnel and matériel for service in case of earthquakes, explosions and other disasters. To provide shelter for the needy and quarters for trainees.

Education Division . To survey, report upon and work for better education, both public and private. To investigate (and become part of or take charge of) educational facilities, instruction, teachers and books, with an eye to exposing and ridding the nation of anti-American, un-American and non-American influences. To carry out training at Warrior Training Camps, seminars and lectures, providing suitable printed materials to attendees. To set up symposiums and schools, to encourage endowments and gifts, to serve Nationalists and benefit the American People as a whole. To set up lectures and speeches, to promulgate and publish Nationalist doctrine and history. To prepare data and statistics, as needed, for information of Officials and administrators.

Finance Division . The Finance Officer is Chief. Members should include Nationalists with some financial experience and ability. They should check on finances and accounting and help assure that expenditures are proper and within budget. They should serve as oversight for proposals and resolutions for major expenditures and financial policy.

Government Division. To promote good government, voting and majority rule in a non-political, non-partisan manner. To investigate and report on questions affecting government, democracy and the rights of the American People. To reduce prejudice against the American People by bringing about unanimity in public opinion and in the means to effect social change, also eliminating divisions caused by misinformation, factionalism or selfishness. To hold forums, meetings and assemblies oriented toward voter education, candidate appearance and important questions of the day, including polls, surveys and other means of assessing the national will.

Judicial Division. The Judge-Advocate shall be Chief. To maintain the Nationalist Judicial System which is fair, objective and just to resolve grievances within The Nationalist Movement. To investigate and report on all grievances and to arrange for hearings before the

Judge-Advocate. To arrange for informal conferences with a hearing officer or officers, where need be, to resolve conflicts or grievances. To recommend to the First Officer appropriate disciplinary action.

Labor Division. To promote solidarity between those who work, whether by their hands or by their heads, in the national interest. To work for the dissolution of barriers between employers and employees, so as to uplift the work force and the endeavors of the workplace. To recommend places to trade and persons to employ for the advancement of the nation and to practice boycotts and ostracism against those who are inimical to the nation. To promote the vocational and trade interests of Nationalists, without commercialism, while engendering social justice in the workplace, camaraderie among workers and fraternity between all vocations. To achieve better working conditions, decent wages, safety, adequate health care and proper benefits, especially for young workers with growing families.

Legal Defense Division. To obtain and counsel with one or more local attorneys on a regular basis to assure that lawful means are employed in all affairs. To establish and maintain a Legal Defense Fund to obtain parade and assembly permits, litigate issues where Nationalist rights are violated and defend Nationalists engaged in lawful pro-majority activities who are unjustly accused, arrested or persecuted. To defend the honor of The Nationalist Movement through offensive lawsuits in which democratic rights are protected and furthered, par- ticularly to advance free speech, assembly, press, neighborhood and association. To coordinate with national Legal Defense Fund officials to maintain uniform policies and procedures and to focus legal action forces, where needed. To carefully attend to all local ordinances, rules and laws affecting the operation of the Force. To cooperate with lawenforcement officers in the prevention of crime. To assist government in enforcing quarantines against epidemics.

Membership Division. To prepare and promulgate programs for increasing membership, to assist in investigating applications and to organize rejuvenation of lapsed or expired memberships. To oversee members who are expelled or suspended with an eye, in proper cases, for reform and re-institution of membership of those who may be deserving. To coordinate membership with other Divisions of The Nationalist Movement in order to fully implement the talents of each individual, to encourage physical and mental training and to assist members in securing military service, as needed

. Organization Division. To arrange for meetings, conventions, rallies, assemblies and parades. To attend to cleanliness, attractiveness, sanitation and health at meetings and events. To provide such decorations, materials and supplies as may be needed for the success of any gatherings. To supervise facilities buildings, grounds, gardens, ranges, camps and to account for properties and supplies. To maintain an Inspector-General to investigate and report upon proper use of property, in conjunction with Officers entrusted with accounting. Security Division: To attend to security and intelligence matters. To assemble and train those who protect Nationalist activities and engage in ceremonies. To gather intelligence about unfaithful members, infiltrators and trouble-makers within and adversaries outside. To determine the sources of anti-Nationalist activity and publication. To keep Officials informed of controversies, infidelity and ruminations and to investigate other organizations which impact upon Nationalism. To assist in exposing and ending unlawful and other activities which are not for the good of The Movement. To inculcate proper order, respect, discipline, honor, preparedness and training and to uplift, streamline and magnify The Movement.

Social Justice Division. To administer charity funds, tithes and gifts. To investigate cases of need and poverty, to determine worthiness and to recommend charitable disbursals, as well as to give counsel and advice to Nationalists in dire straits or suffering from misfortune. Solidarity Division: To formulate programs for coordination, unity, fraternity and cooperation between the various units of The Nationalist Movement. To streamline administration, promote worthwhile activities, increase efficiency and report on ways to improve overall operations.

Sports' Division. To organize athletic teams and to secure proper equipment for individual or group sports. To schedule games, bestow awards and stimulate interest and esprit de corps. To provide the fullest range of sports' facilities, travel and competition between members, individually or in teams, attending to physical fitness programs in conjunction with health, eugenic and dietary considerations

. Womens' Division. To advise and assist Women's Leagues, Student Unions and other units and activities which involve females. To promote membership in Women's units and events. To advance the unique interests of women and to seek protection of women from vocational, social, political and other ills of society.

Youth Division. To organize and invigorate youth, student and young worker activities. To recommend directors, officers and advisors for youth units and activities. To advise upon and to supervise indoctrination, education, ceremonies and events for youth and to promote youth membership

. 12. Command
The First Officer is Commander of all martial units. Officers are called Officers. Members are called Fighters, Troopers or Soldiers, depending on unit. Senior command staff consists of the First Officer and officers from each of the various units. Modified Army superstructure is adhered to.

13. Uniforms
Red and black, with leather accoutrements and boots with red laces, may be worn, as well as Flight Jackets with the Aryan Kings shield. Camouflage is sometimes worn, especially in camping and security details, as are black pants, white shirts and red suspenders

. 14. Orientation
Every able-bodied Nationalist, from early age, should take part in rigorous training, patrol and drill. By securing our own turf now, we show the nation that we can secure safe streets for the future. Our lessons come from Valley Forge: bearing, regimen and self-discipline. Veterans of past wars should also take part in training, as well as volunteering for staffing. Those who, as a matter of conscience, refuse to serve in the armed forces or who take an early discharge or retirement, to protest pro-homosexual admission policies, minority favoritism, de-Americanization or illegal invasions, occupation, torture and atrocities and whose patriotism exceeds levels presently required by the nation's armed forces, are welcomed for their fortitude, orientation and fitness.

15. Doctrine
Building morale, increasing knowledge and using all available talents comes through learning doctrine and educating one another. Since no one can master all of Nationalist philosophy at one time, each Nationalist should be encouraged to study hard to make himself worthy and to increase in knowledge. Each Nationalist is part philosopher and craftsman, part teacher and student, part inventor and engineer. A system of degrees encourages each Stalwart to look forward to mastering the first degree and then advancing through the remaining seven degrees

. 16. Members

Regular members. Join to take full part in The Movement.

Youth members. Over eighteen, have the same status, but are assessed reduced dues. Youth members under eighteen may take on responsibilities under the direction of or with approval of their parents, or they can do social, school and service activity (such as attending rallies, distributing literature, exercising freedom of speech, recruiting, etc. which does not require parental permission. Travel, leadership or hazardous undertakings suitable only for adults may not be entrusted to youth under eighteen without express parental consent)

. Associate members. Join for the purpose of primarily giving moral support; they usually do not expect to be fully active, at first, and may join as such in order to get acquainted with The Movement

. Honorary members. Specially recognized for exceptional talent, accomplishment or venerability.

17. Degrees
An initiation ceremony into each Degree should be held by each Force regularly to induct the eligible applicants. A graduation ceremony is appropriate with suitable ceremonies, invocations, investitures and addresses. Degrees are commenced from beginning to highest. One can "skip" ranks, depending on special circumstances and merit, although members are encouraged to move up through the degrees one at a time.

The First Degree. The Working Member or Working Rank. This brings members into full activism and is based upon a preliminary apprenticeship during which the Nationalist is surveyed for truthfulness, honesty and dependability. Individual Nationalists, who are isolated, imprisoned or not part of organized units, should be given due credit for activity toward the First Degree, if their communication by mail, reporting or public or other activity exhibits worthiness.

The Second Degree. The Fighting Member or Fighting Rank. This brings members into full self-defense posture. It should include study of doctrine and methods, plus outdoors and indoors physical training to indicate desire, hustle and stamina of the Fighter.

The Third Degree. The Craftsman Member or Craftsman Rank. This brings members into full participation of Nationalism, based upon an understanding and use of Nationalist Doctrine. It evidences a working knowledge of Nationalist words, dogma and techniques.
Dealing with others, solving problems, organizing and serving others are all facets undergirding the Craftsman.

The Fourth Degree. The Brother Member or Brother Rank. This shows a perfection of brotherhood, fraternity and comradeship within an individual, which exhibits a positive, aspiring influence on others. The Brother inspires such charity, self-sacrifice, love and dutifulness that he brings his fellow-Nationalists closer together and lifts them up.

The Fifth Degree. The Master Member or Master Rank. This brings members into full knowledge of Nationalist philosophy, enabling the Master to teach, write, theorize and carry on The Movement by intellectual force.

The Sixth Degree. The Scholar Member or Scholar Rank. This indicates pinnacle mastering of scholarship in Nationalist doctrine, evidenced usually by speaking, writing, publishing or broadcasting, with extraordinary talent and effect. The Scholar should also accomplish his art through teaching
. The Seventh Degree. The Warrior Member or Warrior Rank. This is the culmination of Nationalism in mind, body and soul all together, advancing The Movement, the Force, Cause and Humanity. A Warrior indicates leadership abilities which can change minds, accomplish goals, inspire others, reform society and exhibit strong willpower.

The Eighth Degree. The Hero Member or Hero Rank. This indicates martyrdom, saintliness or heroism in the line of duty. The Hero has shown exceptional courage, self-sacrifice and bravery so as to be memorialized in the ranks of Nationalism.

18. Corrections

Being able to remedy wrongs, correct mistakes and improve morale is both a test and an opportunity. Great skill, forbearance and determination are all involved. Those in leadership positions should avail themselves of the power of positivity to consult with, correct and instruct their fellows, especially when rules are broken or infractions made. Correction is an absolute must, lest self-discipline break down, direction become cloudy and morale suffer. Correction should be accomplished with all proper respect, dignity and fairness. Sometimes, an informal admonition will be enough. Or an informal written reprimand may suffice. Some sort of corrective activity is usually recommended: writing an apology, pronouncing or writing the rule that was broken or agreeing to improve.

An open, even playful, "informal" encounter with fellow Stalwarts may serve the purpose to embarrass and correct the transgressor. A "roast" or performance of a silly task may be indicated. In all ways, the correction should be accomplished swiftly, without excessive dwelling on fault or guilt. The moral should be that all are working together to correct misdeeds and improve The Movement, not to carry on grudges or persecute members. When indicated, a special group or official may counsel the transgressor, privately, pointing out, at all times, the remedy or solution, and seeking a positive, solution-oriented response from the one who has done the infraction.

In more serious, "formal" cases, the transgressor may be assessed more stringent correction, such as an admonition, reprimand, special duty, suspension, or, in the most urgent situations, expulsion. Efforts should be, where at all possible, to afford Nationalists in good standing an opportunity to improve, to have a "second chance," to learn from their experiences and to know that a fellowship and fraternity is in place to redeem, support and uplift them as they progress. Any member may institute charges against any other member for conduct unbecoming The Movement. Such charges will be duly adjudicated so as to assure the rights and duties of both accused and accuser. Provision will be made for confrontation, cross-examination and recording of proceedings, for just and speedy deliberation and disposition and for appeal, dismissal, re-hearing and penalties.

19. Proselytizing

It is the duty of every Nationalist to win new recruits at every turn. First, convert your close friends and family, then acquaintances, one-on-one. High-profile, pro-majority activities will attract the like-minded, so, next, recruit those who attend your events. Then, conscript those who become involved in lower-profile, Nationalist work, such as study courses, car washes, door-to-door surveys, telephone polls, issue campaigns, petition drives, sports teams, N-TV, concerts, border watches or carnivals. Be ingenious. Use your imagination. Be sure to regenerate older and inactive members, too. Even "total strangers" will join through your street displays, special projects or speeches. Always be up front with your Nationalism; however, it may be useful for the prospect to smell the aroma and, perhaps, partake of a few appetizers (subscribing to All The Way or working in an area of his own interest ) before expecting him to devour the full course meal of pro-majority doctrine. Pace yourself.

20. Getting Personal

Whatever your talents, skills or goals, a personal and fulfilling role awaits you. What with our enemies manning phone banks, holding parades, making records, loading up talk shows, filing law suits, raising funds and cranking out their programs 'round the clock, there is, indeed, a personal place for you. Computer programmers. Accountants. Printers. Broadcasters. Engineers. Carpenters. Architects. Teachers. Business administrators. Researchers. Journalists. Even farmers. And all of the support services that go with a growing and dynamic operation. There is just no limit to personal, pro-majority opportunities. Do you have the hustle to train? Or do you have skills already? Perhaps you can teach others. Or, you may wish to support those taking on-the-job-training. Come to Headquarters. Short stint. Or, extended furlough. Even make Nationalism your own personal and rewarding career. You may do breakthrough research, start a monumental civic program or simply enjoy advancing along with those who share your interests and ideals.

Your first step: apply to Headquarters. Then visit. Stay awhile. Examine what is right for you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that The Movement just some far-off post office box, up on some remote mountaintop, operating out of the back of a pick up truck. Don't set your sights that low. But don't expect big factories, large newspapers and far-flung bureaucracies right away, either. Don't be that impatient. Just decide to turn growing pains into marching feet. Just get personal about Nationalism, about yourself and about your future.

Your next step: get to know your local and national officials, personally. Then, make your move. If you are young, you may want to postpone job, school and, even, marriage for the time being in favor of social action for social change through social justice. Or, you may have recently been discharged from the armed forces. So, take a stint at Headquarters. If you drive a truck, deliver Nationalist literature. If you handle a hammer, drive nails in a barracks for your fellow-Nationalists. Some stalwarts are bringing their wives and, even, taking jobs near Headquarters as they assist, part-time, in Nationalist educational outreach. Do you like travel? Be a liaison, visiting compatriots across the country. Able to speak? Become a certified Nationalist speaker or instructor.

If your age, circumstances or health make it impractical to be so active, consider giving financial assistance to those who are sacrificing to be on duty and on guard in your behalf, so that they and their families can be adequately supported. Monthly pledges give donors personal satisfaction and far-reaching results. Gifts of real estate, equipment and, even, clothes and food fill vital, personal needs. Consider remembering The Nationalist Movement in your will or by establishing a trust, memorial or endowment. Faculties for planned, personal giving are in place for you. White collar, blue collar or no collar. Nationalism is personal and life-changing, as never before. All personally for you.

21. Public Relations
Nationalists must often be their own news makers, news reporters, broadcasters and historians. Good public relations assists you in improving the way you reach the public and prospective recruits, so that you present a lawful, uniform and successful image and, thereby, gain victory for the cause of Nationalism.

Use the law. Always use the law to your advantage, especially when it comes to media affairs and publicity. Consult a lawyer or Nationalist Legal Defense Division.

Free speech. Your most important tool. Understand, study and spread Nationalism by word of mouth. Friends, family, teammates, shopmates: all are prospective recruits. Talk in the locker room, at the cafe, in the tavern or at a political meeting. Use one-on-one proselytizing: the best kind.

Attracting attention. Whenever you attract attention, rules come into play. If two or more are involved, you may be holding a "rally" or "assembly," especially if in a public place. If it is a spur-of-the-moment event, general rights of Free Speech probably protect you. But you may need to obtain a permit from local police or law enforcement if even a small assembly is planned in advance. If you do not, you could be acting unlawfully.

No "fighting words". Be careful to phrase your speaking so as not to use "fighting words" which incite violence. Your words may be militant and "fighting" in the sense of expressing outrage, inspiring others and calling to action. But such phrases as "let's tear his legs off" or "smash some heads" which call for immediate action could subject you to arrest and must be avoided
. No profanity. Public profanity is in poor taste. Avoid it, so you create the best image.

No partisan politics. Avoid any substantial Nationalist activity designed to influence specific legislation. Do not endorse candidates.

Pamphleteering. An old, respected and effective means to spread the word. The most common method is to put out leaflets anonymously. Stick them under doors, on car windshields. Leave them at restaurants, on counters, in phone booths. Do not place them in US mail boxes (which is illegal) or in such a way as to litter

. Personal leafleting. Pamphleteering where the handout lists your name or local phone. Or where you hand the flyer to someone personally: at a ball game, in front of a school yard, on campus or during lunch break.

The quick and easy way. If you see a group or crowd that can be easily leafleted (such as a group in a park, a line waiting for a bus or shoppers in a parking lot) without attracting undue attention, you may do so quickly and then depart. If a parking lot attendant or security man accosts you or you are asked to leave, leave and pamphlet elsewhere

. The well-prepared way. If you are likely to attract attention or danger or there is likelihood of opposition or even violence against you, apply for a permit or police protection to pass out pamphlets. This is good when leafleting in front of a school (you being on public, street property, not the school ground itself), in front of a public building like an auditorium, sports complex or city hall for longer than a brief period.

Broadcasting. Arrange for a local "talk show" interview. Usually, callers ask questions; hosts are often hostile. Prepare yourself well, speak in a calm, reasonable and informed manner. Give out the HQ post office box or hotline, so listeners can follow up. Just call the station: they'll usually be glad to have you.

Debating. It is best not to get in arguments or be provoked on the street when pamphleteering (sometimes the opposition will try to bait you), but you may take part in a school debate or scholarly symposium (although it is best for you to appear by yourself rather than to "dignify" the proponents of immoral and un-American views by appearing on the same stage with them).

Demonstrating. Some of the best protests are conducted by a single individual carrying a single sign at the right place at the right time. Prepare in advance and obtain a permit or permission from the appropriate police or law enforcement authority. This is especially essential when you are counter-demonstrating. Word your sign (or activity, like displaying an effigy, petition or caricature) to be provocative, eye-catching and original

. No harassment. Despite freedom of speech guarantees, the government sometimes attempts to prosecute individuals for alleged harassment of others, even though you are acting within the law. So word your literature carefully so that it is not harassing. Check with HQ. Using TNM-approved literature is best. For example, passing out anti-welfare literature in a minority housing project slum might raise a charge of "harassment;" in such a case, distribute the literature in a majority area. Use your head. Avoid entirely caricatures and words which depict shooting, killing or maiming our opponents; you can be aggressive and even combative without stepping over the line.

Petitioning. Carry a petition with you or set up a table in a college hallway, weekend ball game or company picnic and get names for a popular cause, protest or reform. Get a permit, if needed.

Don't take "No" for an answer. Sometimes, if you can't get permission or a permit, go somewhere else or try another day. When the event is crucial or some public debate demands your response, you cannot wait. Then, do not take "No" for an answer, but go up the chain of command (see the police chief, president of the company or mayor) or obtain legal advice. TNM's Legal Defense Fund may assist in limited instances where your rights are clearly being deprived

. 22. News Media

Using the media. Even if you are by yourself, you often will want to contact local news media of your activities. Even something as "small" as passing out pamphlets, picketing or demonstrating is likely to be covered by radio, TV and newspapers. This is good, even if they say bad things, because that is the way Nationalists reach the public. The only "bad" news is "no" news.

Initial media contact. Just call the local paper or station, leaving your name, number and Movement, and tell them the time, place and reason for your event; be sure you already have any permits issued. Always have someone to answer your phone (or an answering machine).

Introducing yourself. If you are new to the media, properly introduce yourself, publicly. Use a news conference called at some well-known public place, city hall, courthouse or memorial. Or use a news release. Type everything well on Nationalist letterheads to make a good first impression.

Key contacts. Get to know a few key newsmen who will give you the widest coverage. They may not like you and may not even be fair to you. But establish good communications. It will pay off in the future with publicity that you need.

News conference. Don't "wear out your welcome." Summon the press only for a major event: Nationalist Television going on the air, a major demonstration planned or an important announcement on some major policy. Importance is not judged by numbers of people, but by historic impact (the King Grave news conference, for example, had five Nationalists, but 3,000 troops for security, at a cost to the government of millions of dollars)

. The single interview. Sometimes, a single paper or show will want an exclusive interview. Give it to them, but try to alert other media, who may want to cover the same story at the same time. If the reporter wants an exclusive, that is OK, too.

No-no's. Some of our most widespread publicity is received from our opponents communist, homosexual and minority newspapers. In general, avoid giving them interviews or statements. However, one Nationalist demanded that a caveat be printed after his interview declaring that he opposed the pro-minority paper. You might use a repugnant paper to denounce it. Get the publicity and, at the same time, do not compromise your position. Just use good judgment.

TV conferences. Have a few concise words and phrases ready. Best not to read them. Use "sound bytes" (arrange your comments for a quick ten second spot); use "one-liners" (best for TV). Make your comment short but complete: why you're there, what you're seeking, why you're going to win your objective, why you represent or appeal to the American people.

Media checkpoints. Repeat yourself, if need be, to get your point across. Rephrase the question asked you, if necessary: "The real question should be.....". Then, answer it your own way. Don't get off on subjects that are unnecessary or time-consuming. Don't let them bait you. Say what you want, not what they want you to say. Don't apologize, back up or get hostile.

Using a token. When you have "graduated" to using more than yourself to gain publicity, you may wish to use a "token" force, a representative body of a few people

. Using your head. Understate your numbers. If asked on a permit how many are attending and you expect six say: "three or four" to allow for some who won't show up. If six or eight come, you can say: "We had twice as many as predicted."

Inviting crowds. It may be hard or impossible for the public to cross police lines to take part. Police may want you to vouch for each person who is "with you," which is too time-consuming. Looks alone may not filter out the foe, anyhow. So, announce that the pro-majority public is invited (with a suitable, separate place arranged for counter-demonstrators). For instance, you could have the courthouse steps for yourself and the parking lot or lawn for your own "pro-majority public", with opponents across the street.

No illegal surveillance. It is unlawful for police to take down license plate numbers, demand licenses or stop cars for the sole purpose of identifying attendees or inhibiting your freedom of speech and assembly. Make it clear to the authorities beforehand that any such activity will not be tolerated and that the Nationalist Legal Defense Fund is prepared to enforce your rights.

Activities of others. Make it clear that The Nationalist Movement is the sole sponsor of the event. Do not state that any certain people or groups are not welcome, but make it clear that this is for pro-majority, pro-Nationalist people and supporters. Tell the promajority public to wear ordinary street clothes, unless in a special TNM unit.

The set-up. Your initial appearance in public is important. Look and be your best. You may wear a suit and tie, if you wish, or street clothes in which you feel comfortable. Camouflage can be worn by those attending along with you for security and effect. Crosstar flags, caps, T-shirts and boots are suitable for your backup (but include only good Nationalist personnel; avoid tattoos, beards).

Some camera tips. Cameras magnify any gesture. If you smile, you can look giddy. A frown can look like a growl. Too much gesturing can look overdone. Look serious. Be dynamic, forceful and positive. Keep your chin up. Stand up straight. Look at one person (if you are conducting a news conference), rather than back and forth. Best not to look directly into the camera, but look just to the side. In studio, use makeup to cut down glare.

The single spokesman. Prepare before any meeting with the news who is to be the spokesman. Let everyone know who is to speak to the news and tell everyone to funnel all inquiries to him. If you wish to have any others make a statement or be interviewed, be sure you prepare them in advance. They should know what to say and how to say it, in keeping with the guidelines of this Handbook. Don't allow the news to pick and choose: they'll usually choose the one least prepared. Give proper credit by mentioning the names of Nationalists assisting.

Boosting youth. Wherever possible, use youth up front in public events, even in speaking to the news media. But be sure youth is trained to handle the reporter who is looking for nothing except to trip him up. You may want to be present to cut off any unfair questioning or to set the pace. Remember, some of our youngest are some of our best.

The news release. Keep your points short and to the point. Hand releases out before the event. Think of KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) when you write them up. Get in your Five W's: Who, Where, What, When and Why. You might write in the third-person and past-tense: "Detroit - Nationalists assembled today at the War Memorial to support an All-American army. Speaker Jones said: 'The intolerable destruction of our army must cease.'" Include phrases to be given. Sometimes, a speech can be given out a day or so early.

Use imagination. Drama, spectacle and controversy stir people to think and act. Try a mock trial, a hanging in effigy, a prayer vigil, a wreath-laying or even a musical event. Have a good bullhorn (with proper permit, if required), if you are speaking to a large crowd.

Use public places. Use the most dramatic and historic places. Don't be shoved off on private property. Be right in the center of things: capitols, parks, monuments and main streets. The Nationalist Movement won you this right in the United States Supreme Court. Photo opportunities Time to wear Nationalist outfits, insignia and emblems. Bring to the fore those who exhibit strength and beauty. On occasion, dressing up in some unusual way as a protest or to add humor may be desirable, as well: A New Year's baby, Minuteman, astronaut or the like, depending on the point you want to make. These events are usually less than a formal news conference.

Communications. Walkie-talkies are helpful to be in touch with your security people or advance men. A right-hand assistant to take down names and field answers to routine questions can be helpful. A property man to look after your own equipment essential. People may come up and want to give their names and addresses in a brief moment. Don't miss this chance to gain important, new prospects to be mailed to later. Have a pad ready. Computer bulletin boards and other hi-tech communications are, also, helpful to organize and keep in touch.

Follow up. Good idea to announce the next event or hand out leaflets with an address or number where you can be reached.

Using your cameras. Record the event with your own equipment, wherever possible. A standard VHS is suitable, used by someone who knows how to use it. Still pictures are a must. Use black and white film only (for newspaper reproduction and to save for historical purposes). Send copies to N-TV or All The Way.

Be in charge. Assert your authority, as needed. Don't allow anyone to disrupt your event. Be quick to have anyone advocating non-Nationalist, foreign or divisive tactics ejected from the event promptly by your own security or by the police.

Infiltrators. You can expect the opposition to infiltrate your ranks, meetings and events. They may want to do something illegal or distasteful to give you a bad name. Police your ranks. Exclude and disassociate yourself quickly from any who may bring you and Nationalism into disrepute

. Keep good files. Save copies of all your news releases, photos and newspaper clippings. Record newscasts about you on your VCR.

Literature on hand. Instead of trying to cover every point the news media might want to know, have some literature on hand for reporters and others to pick up.

Commercialization. Usually, avoid people selling things or conscripting for non-Nationalist events or other organizations.

Use the right words. Study The Nationalist Glossary , which gives you the right words and phrases for maximum impact. Review other Nationalist publications for further techniques, organizational methods, assemblies, rallies and parades. Attend classes, camps and retreats.

After shock. Follow up your event by presenting a petition (signed at the previous event) to some public body. Arrange for a speech to the city council or school board. Speak at some public hearing. Have letters to the editor written to the local papers. Arrange for more and larger events. Establish an official charter or enlarge the present one. Delegate authority to others. Assign new recruits important tasks for greater successes.

23. Spectacle

The most important Nationalist event is the assembly, from the smallest indoor get-together of a few up to the largest mass meeting featuring millions.

Visual effects. Plan everything to involve all the senses. Flags. Banners. Smart uniforms. Colorful dress. Children. Marchers. Young girls. Flowers. Electronic imaging. Ribbons. Singing. Bands. Drums. Bugles. Organized groups and corps. Fire. Smoke. Torches. Floats. Vehicles. Color guards. Distinctive units. Lights.

Good order. Everything must be well-rehearsed to show good order, good planning and solid organization

. Security. Adequate guards must be prepared and able to assure absolute order by ousting any unauthorized or disruptive elements.

Parade. Most major events should be preceded by a parade. Some may be staged as citizen marches, where large numbers take part; where organized units precede, followed by citizens; or, where organized units, alone, take part and spectators line the route. Taking charge of our streets sends an important signal to those wanting to join The Movement and assess its progress.

Rally. Use commodious places. It is best to be overflowing, however, rather than to have large, unused spaces. Lofty displays of flags, bunting, emblems and inspirational devices are essential. Evening events can be all the more dramatic when lighting, spotlights, candles, torches and bonfires are employed. Fly-overs by planes or blimps can add special effect, particularly if they create colorful trails or, on occasion, skywriting.

Performance. The spoken word is all-important, so build up to the climax of the speakers with music, sounds and displays. Next to the spoken word, music is all-important. Oaths, mass swearing-ins, chanting and cheerfulness all heighten spectacle. Distinguishing units by their colors builds pride and interest, too. Suitable loud-speakers and sound systems are essential. Live music is best, but taped music can sometimes be used. The assembly singing well known songs in unison is beneficial.

Martial effect. Military-type performance by special units (or even by large numbers of Nationalists moving, marching or standing all together) is desirable. Ensigns such as eagles, Liberty Bells, stars and Crosstars should be used and dramatized, wherever possible.

All hands. Large numbers of flags carried on poles (particularly with cross-bars) by countless hands is effective, as is handing out large numbers of hand-held flags for spectators and marchers. Children, especially should be given small flags beforehand.

Participants. Key players must be well-rehearsed, like other participants. A good, fast-paced script should be adhered to. Adequate positioning for news and media coverage, venerable fighters and dignitaries is essential.

Emotion. The assembly is the people's most democratic of all "Appeals to Heaven." It must combine both the reason to win minds and the emotion to stir souls.

Mass accomplishment. The assembly's approval of certain tenets, resolutions, petitions or planks may be introduced into the performance, often as part of the speaker's address.

Seating. As many standing as possible is best. Where some are seated, as in a football stadium, have plenty of action-packed events which cause participants to come to their feet: memorials, shouts of support, ratification of platforms, mass recitals, greeting of speakers or keynote performers and flag pledges or salutes.

Finale. The spectacle should be the culmination of all the crescendos building during the event.

Encore. Those leaving should have an opportunity to pick up souvenirs, literature and applications.

24. Program
Opening ceremony. Reading of minutes of previous meeting. Consideration of membership applications. Swearing in ceremony. Reports of sickness or distress. Report of officials and committees. Unfinished business. New business. Announcements. Special business, elections and installations. Speakers. Open discussion. Receipt of dues and donations. Treasurer's report. Closing ceremony.

25. Colors
The Crosstar is the official insignia of The Nationalist Movement and of Nationalism. It shall be incorporated generally in emblems, flags, markers, seals, certificates and ensigns. The Crosstar is a four-pointed white cross, tipped with arrows, embroidered with blue stripes within the white fields, all on a field of red. The Crosstar may be a single color, such as white, gold or silver, without additional detail or embellishment (when used alone, rather than as a flag). Colors and design may be altered and stylized for special effect (though the general Crosstar should remain identifiable)

. Members shall take care to wear their insignia appropriately. Pins and patches may be worn generally, but special uniforms should be used only within the context of official Nationalist activities and ceremonies. Flags and emblems should in all ways be displayed and treated with respect. Their integrity should be guarded and they should be handled carefully, especially when retired or disposed of.

26. Opening

Just prior to the opening of the assembly, the commander lines up his Color Guard outside the main door of the hall. First, shall come the National Ensign, second the Crosstar Victory Battleflag, then the ensign of the local Force (followed by any special ensigns), then the First Officer followed by the principal Officers of the Force accompanied by the Honor Guard. Members assembled may face each other on either side of the way reserved for the processional. Or, if seating requires otherwise, members may be faced toward the front. At the appointed hour, the commander will rap three times on the door, which shall be opened by the Sergeant-At-Arms. The Sergeant-At-Arms declares: The Nationalist Movement. The Commander will state: Let the nation arise. The Marshal will reply: Let the people arise

. The Assembly (standing up) will reply: Let the nation and the people arise triumphant. Martial music will begin (Assembly singing, drums, band, piano or other accompaniment) as the procession heads stoutly to the front. The Honor Guard may assemble its troopers in columns to the left and right of the entry way of the principal Officers. Officials and guards will take their allotted places before the assembly. The Marshal may announce: Americans: Join me in singing (name, such as Onward Christian Soldiers). The Marshal will then say: Nationalists: Join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. The Color Guard presents itself and the pledge is recited by all. The Marshal then says: Compatriots: Join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Nationalist flag. The Color Guard again presents itself and all recite. The Marshal will announce: Americans, our National Anthem. The National Anthem then will be sung or played, with all at attention. The Nationalist Anthem, Lead On, O New America, will then be sung, recited or played.

Lead on, O new America, Thy sons to higher ways, Shed light across the ages For brighter, nobler days. To thee we give all honor, Our hopes abide in thee. Arise, O new America, God keep thee ever free. The Chaplain will lead in prayer. The Color Guard posts the colors in front of the assembly and exits. The Marshal states: Be seated. He then introduces: Fellow Nationalists, your First Officer. The First Officer rises to the podium. The First Officer
calls out the names of the Force's Officers. Each Officer stands as his name is called with a snappy salute, which the First Officer returns. The First Officer then declares: Stalwarts and fighters: your fellow Nationalists have set upon your shoulders the joys and burdens of your office, to dispatch with loyalty and honor your duties to America, the American People and the American Way of Life. Fail not to be worthy of your commission. The Officers declare all together: We are worthy. The First Officer then recites: Nationalists, to you is entrusted the power and the glory of faith, service and victory. Fail not in fidelity to your mighty task. The Assembly replies: We are faithful.

The First Officer states: Rejoice. The resurrection of the people and the nation is come. The Honor Guard returns placing a sword, relic, battleflag or important ensign(s) upon the table in front of the podium and, then, takes its appointed place. The Marshal arises and addresses the Commander of the Honor Guard, who also stands: Commander, why do you place the _________________ before us? The Commander replies: Sir, it is the symbol of our undying devotion to the cause of Nationalism. The First Officer arises and recites the chant followed by the Assembly in unison: What is the greatest endeavor? Assembly: Freedom. Officer: What is the supreme nation? Assembly: America. Officer: What is the noblest pursuit? Assembly: Social justice. Officer: What is the superlative civilizer? Assembly: The White race. Officer: What is the premier voice. Assembly: The English language. Officer: What is the incomparable standard? Assembly: Work. Officer: What is the foremost fraternity? Assembly: The people. Officer: What is the unconquerable force? Assembly: Nationalism. Officer: What is the paramount foe? Assembly: Communism. Officer: What is the best government? Assembly: Democracy.

First Officer: Prepare to pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor. The Assembly then, all together, recites: My hand (extending the hand outward, palm up, elbow tight to the side, then facing the person to the right (or left, as the case may be) and clasping the arm opposite in the Roman style, each hand clasping the opposite wrist or forearm). My heart (placing the hand over the heart, palm face down, as in the pledge of allegiance). (Facing forward) My all - for The Nationalist Movement. The First Officer declares: Nationalists, here in peace, harmony and brotherhood: to what are you sworn? The Assembly replies in unison: We are sworn to duty, honor and country. First Officer: Americans, sing: America.

My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing: Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims' pride. From every mountain side, Let freedom ring.

The First Officer then says: This assembly is now convened. All take their seats.

27. Closing

The First Officer arises and says: There being no further business, the Marshal will prepare to close. The Marshal proceeds to the doors and opens them. The Color Guard retrieves the flags and assembles along with the Honor Guard. The Color Guard dips the Crosstar Flag. The First Officer recites: My compatriots, we are a band of brothers. The Assembly then sings or recites the Nationalist Alma Mater: The Victory Flag:

We are a band of brothers, native to the soil, fighting for the land and life, we earned by honest toil. And when our rights were threatened, the call went near and far, hurrah for the Victory Flag, that bears the white Crosstar. Hurrah, hurrah, for America, hurrah. Hurrah for the Victory Flag, that bears the white Crosstar.

The First Officer then declares: This Assembly is duly closed, to reconvene (time and date). The flags are raised and the Guards depart, followed by the Officials, in the order in which the processional entered (with suitable musical accompaniment, if desired). The Marshal then announces: Fellow Nationalists: To America. To which the Assembly replies: America, forever.

28. Services

Funeral services are times of tradition and reverence based upon the beliefs and works of the departed. Nationalism augments the last wishes of the deceased and pays homage to the departed's career. Such a service may be a full Nationalist Funeral Service, or it may incorporate passages or eulogies, as the representatives of the deceased may desire. Special insignia, medals or uniform of the deceased may be interred with the remains, if desired by the deceased's representatives. Nationalists attending the funeral may wear official uniforms, clothing and insignia and conduct themselves with all due reverence and sympathy. If floral arrangements were sent beforehand, an inscription: TNM or The Nationalist Movement with the name of a given unit, chapter or Force, is appropriate

Near the grave (or at such other designated site or building), official Nationalist marchers should line up smartly. A special funeral unit may be used, compatriots from the unit or Force of the deceased or other outfit for the Honor Guard. Flag bearers should proceed, with the National ensign first, then the Nationalist Flag, followed by ensigns or unit flags. Muffled drums follow. Then, in line, come the Officers and members, by rank. If a long march is used, horse-drawn carriage may be used, as well. The National or Nationalist Crosstar Flag may cover the casket. At the grave, a beloved anthem will be sung, either Nationalist or patriotic. While singing, each will place his left hand over his heart and his right hand on the left shoulder of the Nationalist on his right.

The ranking Nationalist will then deliver a eulogy in honor of the dearly beloved, departed brother, pronouncing his name and giving special, personal attention to his life, works and Nationalism. The next in rank will read Biblical or secular verses. Then the ranking Nationalist will declare: We salute you (name of deceased), who hated the evil and loved good, who separated the good from the bad. You turned converts into conquerors, the lost to the redeemed, the cowardly to the heroic. You chose sides, even as the Pilgrims. You stood tall, even as the Patriots. You marched on, even as your fellow-Nationalists. Your Nationalism now endures because you were good; your Nationalism shall prevail because you were great. Now, may the Eternal Strength lift your soul heavenward, where, from your shining city on the hill, in your memory, Nationalists go on from victory unto victory. Then, the Honor Guard will form a single-file square about the coffin and there silently kneel, briefly. During this time, the ranking official shall remove the flag from the coffin (if any), and a detail shall fold it, delivering it smartly to the spouse or survivor, followed by a crisp military salute. This detail may march in military cadence. If some shield, emblem or symbol was especially significant to or cherished by the deceased, this artifact may now be laid top the coffin or to the side of the grave by a member of the Honor Guard. Or a special floral arrangement or wreath may be laid.

The ranking officer shall then intone: By what name shall we call (give name)? Call him Patriot, for he turned Sons of Liberty into founding fathers. Call him Vigilante, for he reclaimed the streets from the lawless. Call him Robin Hood, for he took back from privilege the storehouse of labor. Call him Redemptionist, for he instituted new government. Call him Minuteman, for he carved Liberty on the breasts of the foe. Call him Citizen, for he toppled entrenched greed in the name of the Rights of Man. Call him Doughboy, for his bravery has earned the applause of just men everywhere. Call him Nationalist, for he advanced America, fought for the American Way of Life and loved the American People.

The ranking officer shall then deliver a prayer or benediction, giving encouragement to the bereaved. The ranking official then signals, at which time the Honor Guard arises and silently exits in single file.

29. Swearing In
This ceremony may be part of the general assembly or at a special initiation ceremony. Sergeant-At-Arms: The new Nationalist candidates. The candidates enter smartly, in single file, lining up in front of the main podium. First Officer: Present the applications. Marshal: Here are the petitions of (read names). First Officer: Nationalists, the applications for membership have now been published. Does anyone know of just cause why the applicant, or any of them, should be denied membership?

If there be no objection, the First Officer will address the Commissioner appointed to assist in the investiture: Sir, prepare for the investiture. The Commissioner then asks (and each answers, all together): Will you draw together your compatriots with mutual sacrifice and cooperation? Applicant: I will. Commissioner: Will you advance the American Way of Life, the American people and the American nation? Applicant: I will. Commissioner: Will you advance prosperity, labor, heritage and morality? Applicant: I will. Commissioner: Will you take social and personal responsibility in allegiance to your oath? Applicant: I will. Commissioner: Will you give your all for Nationalism, The Nationalist Movement and your fellow-Nationalists? Applicant: I will. First Officer: Workers of the land, builders of the nation, lovers of the people, servers of Mankind, step forward.

Commissioner beckons the Honor Guard to approach with three flags: National, Nationalist and Ensign, held by a bearer between the applicant and the podium. He then says to the applicants, Repeat after me (each verse of the Nationalist's Oath is read and repeated). The applicant closest to the flags takes the hem of all three flags , just prior to the oath-taking, in his left hand and raises his right hand. All other applicants place their left hands on the shoulder of the applicant before them and raise their right hands, simultaneously, as one taking a juror's oath. The Marshal retrieves the sword and presents it snappily to the Commissioner, who raises it, pointing upward, at which time each applicant approaches the Commissioner. Commissioner: (tapping the applicant on the right shoulder with the sword), Liberty. (On the left), Unity. (On the right), Democracy. (On the left), Victory

. The ceremony shall proceed until all applicants have been invested by the sword and returned in file, as they were upon entry. If any special insignia or tokens are to be presented or affixed, the presenter may stand beside the Commissioner and affix or present the articles to each of the applicants as they complete the sword investiture. An investiture address may be delivered here by a speaker especially appointed for the task. First Officer: New Nationalists, I charge you to move ahead through work, to rise upward through honor, go forward through chivalry and march onward through justice. Pilgrims! Pioneers! Patriots! Behold - and welcome - your brothers. The new Nationalists file back out, as they entered.

30. Pledges

Nationalist Oath. I vow that freedom is the greatest endeavor, America is the supreme nation, social justice is the noblest pursuit, the white race is the superlative civilizer, the English language is the premier voice, work is the incomparable standard, the people is the foremost fraternity, Nationalism is the unconquerable force, communism is the paramount foe, and democracy is the best government.

Pledge to the American Flag. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Pledge to the Nationalist Flag. I pledge allegiance to the Crosstar Flag and the Nationalist Movement for which it stands. One nation, one voice, one people: united for liberty, arisen for victory, With fraternity and democracy over all.

31. Songs
The Star-Spangled Banner. O, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof, through the night that our flag was still there. O, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

America. My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring.

Onward, Christian Soldiers. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Like a mighty army moves the church of God, forward into battle, see his banners go. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.

Rally 'Round the Flag. We will rally 'round the flag, boys, we'll rally once again, shouting the mighty cry of freedom. Yes, we'll rally from the hilltops, we'll rally to the Plain, shouting the battle cry of freedom. The nation forever, hurrah, boys, hurrah. Up with the eagle and the Crosstar. Yes, we'll rally 'round the flag, boys, we'll rally once again, shouting the battle cry of freedom.

The Victory Flag. We are a band of brothers, native to the soil fighting for the land and life we earned by honest toil. And when our rights were threatened the call went near and far, hurrah for the Victory Flag that bears the white Crosstar. Hurrah, hurrah, for America, hurrah. Hurrah for the Victory Flag that bears the white Crosstar. First came Forsyth County, who made her gallant stand, then came North Carolina, who took her by the hand. and valiant Mississippi, her chorus sung afar, hurrah for the Victory Flag that bears the white Crosstar. Hurrah, hurrah, for America, hurrah. Hurrah for the Victory Flag that bears the white Crosstar.

Lead On, O New America. Lead on, O new America, thy sons to higher ways, Shed light across the ages for brighter, nobler days. To thee we give all honor, our hopes abide in thee. Arise, O new America, God keep thee ever free. Stand fast, O new America, through all the years to come. Thy banners shine forever, thy battles will be won. For thee, the stars we conquer, no doubts or fears abide. March on, O new America, for God stands by thy side.

32. Meetings
Every Force should hold four regular meetings each month, as follows: Three of these meetings should be brisk and carefully planned. A least one speaker should address the assembly on some phase or doctrine of Nationalism, as part of training and education. The business of the meeting should conform to Ritual in this Handbook. Once a month, the theme should be: education, entertainment and inspiration. There will be no regular business on this occasion, but a lively activity and special treat. Music, singing, games, plays, bands, visiting officials, even parades, picnics or outdoors functions come under this category.

The spirit of benevolence and service must permeate all our meetings and endeavors. Drama and spectacle must heighten the senses of those attending or taking part. Meetings may be designated "open meetings" or ceremonies at which each Nationalist serves as a special host to non-members invited because of their interest in learning about Nationalism or who seek to join. Terms which inspire brotherhood should be used in reference to each other, such as: Nationalist, compatriot, brother, comrade, stalwart, fighter or American. Titles or other designations may also be used, such as: Officer, Commander, Chief and the like.

33. Timetable

Building morale and activism is accompanied by a rigorous building of the physical superstructure of The Nationalist Movement. Plans call for the establishment of a network of centers, anchored by facilities on the West and East coasts. Designs stress working and living areas, as well as meeting places and space for social service activities. A growing, permanent presence in urban America is central and critical to gaining power in the nation. Land and buildings, especially storefronts, brownstones, office buildings, warehouses, camps, lodges and houses, are targeted, as part of new construction or acquisition by gift or bequest. Ownership and development of land is considered a high priority.

Donations are presently treated as regular gifts under federal tax laws. For most givers, this procedure is entirely adequate. However, The Movement is constantly using court processes and administrative proceedings to extend even greater tax benefits to pro-majority patrons. During the First Phase, oadways and utilities have been installed at the twenty-acre Clear Branch Warrior Training Camp. The communications center at The Nationalist Library has been enlarged and an expanded publishing facility has been added for The Nationalist Press. The Second Phase calls for establishment of permanent educational facilities, with broad-based, widespread operations nationwide. The Third Phase calls for production, communications and service faculties employing Nationalists personally in all of the actual physical, vocational and activist operations of The Nationalist Movement.

34. Responsibility

You may not act in behalf of The Nationalist Movement without being expressly authorized to do so. No member may use the name, property, good will or personnel of The Nationalist Movement to contravene law, act adversely to The Movement's authority, create confusion as to his representation of the organization or injure the organization or any member. The Administrative Staff at Nationalist Headquarters is on duty to assist members in complying with rules and procedures. The time to assess your legal rights and to assume your legal responsibilities is before you act. Legal Staff at Headquarters assures that all rules, regulations and activities comply with all appropriate laws. It, also, challenges unconstitutional laws and conducts lawsuits to protect and advance your rights.

As an individual or as a unit, you should have access to - and follow - legal counsel at all times. You should have a lawyer as a member who undertakes to provide legal assistance in your locale. Headquarters Legal Staff then consults with him and he, in turn, advises you. Headquarters cannot give legal advice directly unless a Legal Defense Staffer is admitted to practice in your state. This Handbook is not intended to - nor does it - provide legal advice. If a lawyer is not a member, associate a Nationalist-leaning attorney in your locale. He will be your touchstone for legal counsel from Headquarters and, for this service, his charges, if any, should be nominal. Many will not charge at all. If you have difficulty securing an attorney, Headquarters will assist in obtaining one for you.

35. Mechanics

Your opposition will come from two sources: government and non-government activity. Government is likely use five techniques to halt pro-majority activity: tax laws, gun laws, conspiracy laws and so-called "civil rights'" laws. Be wise, informed and law-abiding so these methods do not ensnare you.

Tax Laws. Simply put, pay your taxes, keep adequate records, account for everything and seek accounting and legal advice before you begin every undertaking. Certain tax laws also affect your corporate and tax status, depending on who attends your meetings. If, for instance, you have too many non-members, it could be claimed that you are "fronting" for non-Nationalist activities. Avoid this pitfall by operating exclusively as members for The Nationalist Movement.

Gun Laws. Use them, do not abuse them. There is no need to have illegal firearms. Be armed, be safe, be proficient, be legal, at all times, without exception. Attending Warrior Training Camps and other drills can be helpful.

Conspiracy Laws. Violations can take place where "loose talk" about illegal activity occurs, even in jest. Don't do it. Under RICO laws, an illegal conspiracy can be put together like pieces in a puzzle. For instance, Mr. A has lunch with Mr. B, Mr. B goes to a rally attended by Mr. C, Mr. C hands a package to Mr. D and Mr. D bombs Mr. E. All are alleged as "conspirators." You do not have to "win" the case to lose: the cost of defense, time and hardship can make even innocent victors the downtrodden victims. To avoid "conspiracy" entanglements, you must associate in Nationalist activities primarily with members of The Nationalist Movement, who subject themselves to the organization, laws and rules that protect all members

. "Civil Rights' Laws". Pay close attention to the so-called Civil Rights' laws, too, since they, also, have "conspiracy" catch alls. Freedom of speech has been effectively abolished by these laws and, until Nationalists come into full power and bring about real change and true freedom of speech, you can be prosecuted for indiscretions.

"Hate" Laws. You may have a legitimate grievance against housing or job abuses, but if you speak in a manner or in a place which is termed "harassment," you can be charged. Likewise, where protests involve burning, ridicule or confrontation. Carefully choose your words, the place of your protest, the means you employ and the level of your diatribe. Like playing a radio: it may be lawful at one volume, but not at another. Opposition from non-government sources comes primarily from attacks by violent elements, usually during public events.

Obey and use all valid laws, particularly those concerning permits, sound, assembly, picketing and the like. These laws, also, enable you to have police protection, so that you are the demonstrators and your opposition becomes the counter-demonstrators (subjecting them, not you, to arrest). When you are a counter-demonstrator, use the same procedures, permits and laws to protect your rights, all in advance. Non-government (but also governmental) elements will infiltrate you. Sometimes it is a reporter, an FBI informer or an anti-Nationalist trouble-maker. They are seeking to incite violence, provoke illegal activity or place you in an unflattering light. By following all of these rules to the letter, you protect your rights and advance your positive image. You'll even win some opponents over to your side.

Don't allow the threat of infiltration to drive you into an "underground" mentality. Be open while protective, forward-marching while circumspect, brotherly while vigilant. Remember, The Nationalist Movement has won many important constitutional rights' cases in your behalf and will be winning more in days ahead. On occasion, some well-meaning individuals may apply for membership or even join, but who are unstable, undisciplined and incorrigible. These people should be excised quickly from your unit and activities, unless they readily accept Nationalist discipline and training and mend their ways. Otherwise, their erratic, unpredictable or unmanageable actions will bring The Movement into disrepute and, even, into unneeded legal complications.

Leftist elements can sue for a rainbow of grievances and can seize assets as a result of civil litigation. Do not be intimidated by such a prospect, but do not fall victim to using or even advocating hateful or violent responses. Use reason and common sense. The Nationalist Movement has won major lawsuits against it by liberal elements, so our methods have proven to be effective, legal and successful.

36. Practice

Though taking preventative action, a member may be unjustly accused on occasion. Our aim is to provide full legal protection for members, but our resources may fall short for the time being. The Legal Staff endeavors to intervene in "test" cases, where a precedent may be set and a victory won. You, still, will need a lawyer if you are accused, charged or summoned in any court proceeding. Obtain local counsel of your own; Headquarters will attempt to associate with your lawyer, at your request, if possible.

37. Civil Disobedience
Disobeying unjust laws in a dramatic way is a time-tested method to bring about social change. Opting for jail, hunger strikes, refusing to move from some designated spot and openly defying a judge or the police are such examples. However, before engaging in such activities, be fully informed and advised of all applicable laws and alternatives. Filling up the town square may be more effective than filling up the jails. Consult your legal counsel, follow his advice, consult Headquarters, follow its advice, and undertake such activity only in the most urgent situations, when approved, when all else fails.

38. Chapters

Corporate, zoning, inheritance, employment, child-labor, wage and hour, business, trespass, safety, postal, tax-exemption and building laws are just some of the regulations which must be understood and scrupulously adhered to, to protect property, assets and rights. As Nationalists receive gifts, acquire property, build buildings, receive services, deal with the public and put equipment into operation, uniform plans, directed by the Nationalist Legal Defense Staff, are followed for completeness and accuracy. Planning activities in advance and gaining approval from Headquarters, Legal Staff and, when needed, government regulators is mandatory to assure workable and successful programs.

39. Confidentiality
As an activist force, The Nationalist Movement uses extensive promotional, organizational and motivational skills to energize its members, patrons and supporters. Among these methods are phone banking, recruiting, meetings, fund-raising, petitions and letter-writing. Publicizing the accomplishments of members, publishing members' articles, bestowing awards and extending invitations to events are essential to our social action. So, if in the course of your duties for The Nationalist Movement, you are supplied names, telephone numbers or information about your fellow-Nationalists, you must observe all due confidentiality in use of these materials; information may not be used for any other purpose, except to advance The Nationalist Movement as set forth in The Nationalist Handbook at the direction, and under the supervision, of Nationalist officials.

Nationalists are encouraged to be as public and open as possible, setting the pace as a unified and brotherly power to reach, mold and mobilize public opinion. Those seeking anonymity or extraordinary confidentiality must make their requests known to The Nationalist Movement, in which case every reasonable effort will be made to fulfill particular, individual requests. The Nationalist Movement has won one case upholding members' privacy rights; however, court rulings are in flux.

40. Bearing
Wherever you are, your body, speech, mannerisms and conduct tell a great deal about you: who you are, what you believe and where you are headed. Good grooming and inspirational demeanor should be cultivated not only at gatherings with fellow-Nationalists, but everywhere you go. Regard your body as the temple of the spirit of Nationalism. Keep it pure and fit, clean and well-groomed. No tattoos, outrageous attire and peculiar affectations. Ostentatious and gaudy jewelry is to be avoided, as well. Nationalist decorations and ensigns should be worn modestly. Attend, especially, to good posture and upright gait. Women should shun immodest clothing and turn away from short, masculine-looking coiffures toward the more flowing and womanly. Hairstyles for men can range from close-cropped to pro-Marine cuts. Starched clothes and pressed uniforms are essential for public events, as are well-pressed street clothes. Train children in good habits and grooming from their earliest years, too.

Courtesy is characteristic of self-discipline which evidences good training on your part and good example to others. A chivalrous attitude of men toward women is a hallmark of Western Civilization which is always desirable. As social and personal skills are polished up and practiced, attend to protecting women from the more rough and raucous pro-majority activism, offensive language and violence. A military bearing for men, showing strength and firmness, is to be cultivated. A graceful demeanor for women, displaying tenderness and beauty, is the Nationalist ideal. In all, men be masculine; women, be feminine. If your body bears signs of political statements popular during the eighties or military insignia affixed during service to your country, you've made your mark. But now, help others to carry out their activism with purer countenances and newer attitudes. After all, sentiments engraved in the hearts are truest of all, as together we transform the American People to look more alike, think more in unison and march forward in a more perfect union

. Written for the Aryan Kings Organization Copyright 2010.


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